John Gerard - Fields of Light
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Fairy Dreams (Full Mix with Vocal)


Lyric Credits:
Music Credits: John Gerard
Producer Credits: John Gerard
Publisher Credits: John Gerard
Performance Credits: John Gerard (sound design)
Label Credits:

Short Song Description:
Meditative symphonic instrumental with a background of a whispering fairy.
Long Song Description:
Meditative progressive new age mood with a symphonic background set for soundtracks.
Story Behind the Song:
I wanted to write a slow meditative instrumental for serenity and calmness and decided it needed a touch of enchantment. Thus, I put a whispering fairy voice in the mix.

Song Length: 4:30
Primary Genre: New Age-Meditative
Secondary Genre: Unique-Soundtracks
Tempo / Feel: Very Slow (Under 70)
Lead Vocal: Instrumental
Subject Matter 1: Imagination
Subject Matter 2: Magic
Mood 1: Peaceful
Mood 2: Tranquil
Similar Artist 1: Enya
Language: Other
Era: 2000 and later